The Dutch have two words for people riding a bike. There are wielrenners (“wheel runners”) which are the sporty cyclists and there are fietsers, which are ordinary everyday people on a bike. TandemTrip is for everyone - wielrenners, fietsers, leisurely walkers, runners training for the next race, and everyone in-between.


To improve trip safety, convenience, and reliability for people traveling on bike or by foot by creating a community platform to share information and alerts.



Ever gone on a walk or ride only to find your route is closed due to construction or a down tree limb? Our vision is to create a platform where users can share trail and bike facility hazards with other users in the community to alert them of real-time conditions. Through community-sourced contributions, people getting active on bikes or by foot know route obstacles before they leave to enjoy a more reliable trip every time they leave the house.




Connecting with others who bike, walk, or run is vital to building energy about active living. We want to create a community where users both new and old can come together to explore their city and neighborhood at slower speeds. Infrastructure is one piece of better cycling. TandemTrip hopes to connect groups to be able to find friends and share local knowledge on best routes and fun shops and restaurants. 

Whether riding for fun, to work, or to the store, we all face obstacles along the way and sometimes the worst with flat tires or crashes. Our platform of community-sourced contributions of hazards along your route help you prepare. And never go alone by sharing your location during the trip. Let select family and friends know where you are and where you’re going so no one is left wondering where you’re going, when you’ll be back, or where you are if something does go wrong.




Whether you know your route or need help navigating, TandemTrip is there to record your activity with essential information along the way. With Record Activity, start instantly and TandemTrip’s map with icons marking upcoming obstacles and alerts appears while your trip route is recorded. If you want help deciding your route, Navigation is there to determine the optimum route to your destination. Or draw your own! Navigation let’s you see major hazards along your route before you leave. We all have routes we love, even if it’s slower, so draw your own or modify the generated route. By dropping pins along the desired route, you can draw your own route you like to take as TandemTrip connects the dots to generate your route and show hazards you should anticipate. Once you’re ready to go, begin the trip and useful information like trip time, distance, and average speed are displayed along with upcoming obstacles so you can be prepared and enjoy the ride!


Share hazards and alerts with other users in your community of real-time trail and bike facility conditions. These reports let other riders know route obstacles before they leave and are seamlessly sent to TandemTrip Partners to quickly send crews to resolve maintenance issues. 

Contribute is available from the home screen and on mapping when recording trip activity to quickly and easily input hazards and obstacles you see along the way. Identify general information, like bike parking locations and dangerous intersections, to route conditions, like construction, closures, potholes, and debris, to dangerous driving behavior, like near misses, driving in bike lanes, and illegally parked vehicles. Add a picture or description to help other users anticipate the obstacle ahead. With TandemTrip Partners, these inputs also get sent to the appropriate jurisdiction to be made aware and resolve, if possible. 


Never forget to tell your partner, family, or friends you’re going on a ride with TandemShare. Whether tracking a trip or using navigation, TandemShare instantly shares your location with your selected contacts for the duration of the trip so they know your plan and current location if anything does go wrong. Simply activate the feature, add contacts you wish to be notified when you go on a ride, and start recording your trip! Your contacts will be sent a text message with your start time, planned route (if using navigation), and link to a map with your current location. When you end your trip in the app, your contacts are notified of the completed trip and location sharing is turned off. Give your friends and family peace of mind when you go on a ride by letting them know where you are in case anything goes wrong.


Designed to give parents more peace of mind when letting kids walk or bike to school, TandemShare:Students instantly shares the location of their child’s device on their trip to school and notifies them when they arrive. Beginning the trip in the app on their child’s smart device as they leave the house, parents are notified via text message of their child’s location as they walk or bike to school. Geofencing the school site allows the trip to automatically complete when they have remained within the zone for a minimum time period. Settings like school start time also allow parent notifications if their student does not reach the school in time.

Walking/Biking School Buses and other coordinated school events for walking and biking can also be organized through TandemTrip Groups.


Cities and other public sector agencies can become TandemTrip Partners to work together to improve biking and walking in the community. Partners gain access to an online interface where hazards and alerts input by TandemTrip users can be viewed and resolved. As inputs are received in their jurisdiction on the app, Partners receive a notification so field crews can fix and resolve in a timely manner. A downed tree limb on the ride to work could easily be reported and maintenance crews dispatched during the day making a clear ride home for the evening. Partners are also provided access to input information, like new trails or bike facilities, construction, closures, and special events, to notify TandemTrip users before ever reaching the obstacle. Special notifications can be sent alerting users of new trails or bike facilities opening in their city.

Finally, Partners gain data insights to better understand how people bike and walk in their community. This data can help identify popular routes that deserve enhancements, desired routes for future capital projects, and frequent issue areas where recurring alerts are reported. Dangerous Driving Behavior alert submissions can specifically help Police Departments focus enforcement efforts to protect cyclists from aggressive drivers.


Local bicycle organizations, bike shops, schools, employers, and more can create TandemTrip Groups to develop a community of cyclists. Groups are focused on planning and communicating group rides and events. Details for time, location, route, and group leader are outlined so members both new and old can join. People searching for new groups and rides can find events happening nearby to easily connect. 

Employers have an added benefit of monthly and annual Group member statistics. Users who choose to join an employer Group can share commute trip information to provide data for bike commute incentives and transportation demand management programs. which could be used for alternative commute incentives by the employer. Monthly and annual statistics help employers understand how many employees are commuting by bike and reduced vehicle-miles for this alternate mode of travel. Bike-friendly businesses can track these numbers over time and build programs to encourage more bike commuting to be able to market and recruit employees who desire this lifestyle. 


Help maintain social distancing and avoid potential slowdowns on your route. With more people getting active and using trails and parks, it’s good to know how busy parks, trails, and other public spaces are to plan your route or destination. Data informs a heatmap for trails and parks showing how busy various parks and trails are in real-time.


Sometimes you’re 200 feet from a great coffee shop on your ride and don’t even know it. With Wayfinding, notifications of nearby shops, entertainment, and restaurants help point you to great stops just off your route. Bike parking locations help you identify safe places you can park to enjoy you stop.


Maybe the thought of riding in traffic scares you. Maybe you’re comfortable own the lane on a high-speed roadway. Maybe you’ll only ride on trails or sidewalks. Comfort Control Navigation finds the best route for your comfort level with trails, on-street bike facilities, and shared roadways rated for safety and user comfort.




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Identify funding for project development and beta testing


Develop app and prepare for product launch


Release fully functional app which will be tested and refined



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Last update: April 2020
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